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Indonesian Institutions File Class Action against Facebook

TEMPO.COJakarta – Two institutions plan to file a lawsuit against Facebook over the data misuse scandal involving Indonesians’ personal information. The Indonesia ICT Institute and the Indonesian Society for Information Empowerment Development (LPPMII) said the lawsuit represented the Indonesian people who are users of Facebook.

ICT Institute president director Heru Sutadi said one of the reasons for the lawsuit was the uncertainties surrounding the continuation of case involving the misuse of Indonesians’ data.

“We are called to file a class action on the matter, so that the problem becomes as clear and bright as possible,” Heru said on Monday, May 7.

Heru explained that the class action is filed against three defendants; Facebook, Facebook Indonesia, and Cambridge Analytica.

Jemy Tommy, the legal representatives of both institutions, said the lawsuit would be registered at the South Jakarta District Court today, Monday at 13:00 local time.

Among the demands made by the plaintiffs are to have Facebook apologize openly to the Indonesian government and the people of Indonesia, especially Facebook users in Indonesia. The apology must be published for seven consecutive days in national media—both print and electronic.

The plaintiffs also asked the defense to compensate users. The material compensation demanded is in the form of internet data charges to access Facebook, amounting to Rp 20,000 per every Facebook user, or totaling at some Rp20 billion for the one million Indonesians who are registered as Facebook users.

To compensate for non-material losses caused, the plaintiffs are demanding Facebook to pay Rp10 million for each Facebook user, or around Rp 10 trillion in total.

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